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 ???? ?The school of psychologyin Shandong Normal University (SDNU) was founded in October, 2006, which is thefourth independent school of psychology in China. Although the psychologyschool has been founded for only several years, we teach psychological coursesand do psychological research for many years in SDNU. In 1950’s, Yi Zhang andTongxian Fu, who were the pioneers of education and psychology in China,started teaching and researching of psychology in our university. Then, in1980’s, the psychological teaching and researching center was established byQuanxin Zhang, Xuechao Cheng, Chengfu, Zhao, Chengfen Zhang, Chaolu Quan, andRuishan, Lin. under the re-founded department of education. In 2000, the Schoolof education was founded with the psychology department in it. In 2006, withthe permission of the university, the school of psychology …??                more...

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